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Flight & Duty Time Limitations (FTL) are necessary to ensure that pilot fatigue does not endanger flight safety. Since the 1944 Chicago Convention, it is recognized that pilot fatigue (due to long duty hours, insufficient rest/sleep opportunities etc.) can pose a risk to the safety of air operations

Due to increasing competitive pressures in aviation, many companies use their flight crews more intensively. To ensure that this does not result in pilot fatigue and a risk to passengers, strong Flight Time and Duty Time rules must be in place and be applied effectively. Any attempts to interpret and apply the rules in a way that compromises safety must be prevented.

Not having a comprehensive FTL system can lead to:
  • Human Errors.
  • Embarrassment while facing Statutory Audits.
  • Dependency on Staff.
  • Over and under utilization of crew.
  • Last minute cancellation due to non-availability of required crew.
  • Training & Documents Renewals and not done at the right time.

Hence, FTL system is required for all aviation companies for whom the passengers’ safety must come first.


FlyPal - CRS(Crew Rostering System) is comprehensive software tool available on Web and App(iOS/Android) platform. System offers advanced modules which helps an Operations or Crew scheduling department to track their crew's duty hours and ensure no crew is flying above permitted duty limits. FlyPal-CRS also functions as a tool for tracking crew records such as Licenses, Medical Certificates, Visas & Trainings etc.

With advanced email alerts, push notifications and browser notifications FlyPal-CRS makes sure you always comply Civil Aviation Duty Time and Rest Period Standards for your Cockpit and Cabin Crews.

FlyPal - CRS Features :
  • Friendly User interface  
  • Excel import / export facility
  • Training and Document attachments
  • Configurable Flight / Duty Time rules
  • Crew Portal
  • Violation Reports
  • Graphical Representation
  • Dashboard with Calendar View


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"I would recommend  CRS to any operators as the software is really effective in the management of all crew requirements and it is very cost effective solution. plus,the BYTZSOFT Team has such a formidable response time to any queries and will work tirelessly to solve your problem or give you alternativeas and in both the cases you will end up with a solution"  

- Marcus Labrosse, IDC Aviation Seychelles