FlyPal - M&E, MRO Software

"FlyPal®"- A premier Aircraft Maintenance Software with advanced modules for Engineering & Stores Useful for Aircraft Maintenance Data Tracking, Reliability Monitoring & Spares Management.

All Airlines, MRO's & Aircraft Operators have airworthiness, customer-satisfaction, cost-control and manpower-utilization as their top concerns. Its really important fpr organizations to, be in the aviation industry with good reputation and at same time achieve an organic growth. All these concerns have to be addressed in a rational manner. Information Technology systems plays a vital role in correct implementation and control all major concerns of any Airline, MRO or Aircraft Operator. 

BytzSoft has been in the aviation & aerospace IT space since last 15 years and its flagship product (FlyPal) is amongst the top 5 contenders in the CAMO, M & E and MRO software globally. 

FlyPal delivers the entire continuum of the needs of any aviation organization by means of latest technology and zero tolerance in quality. Flexibility and Customer Centric approach make FlyPal an obvious choice for Airlines, MRO's & Aircraft Operators of any scale or fleet size that wants true value for money.

FlyPal is user-friendly and can be implemented very quickly with minimum resources. Our customer support teams never settle for anything less than 10/10 for satisfactory resolution of any customer related query. Read FlyPal Review


Aviation Maintenance Software modules

FlyPal - Aircraft technical and airworthiness management system offers:

FlyPal can be used by :

  • Airlines (Large / Regional / Low Cost /Cargo)
  • MRO (Airlines, Engines, Components)
  • Helicopter Operators
  • Business Jet Operators
  • General Aviation Operators


What you can achieve With FlyPal?

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management of aircraft
  • Aircraft maintenance tracking, programme development and Control
  • Aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) development and control
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out IAW the approved maintenance programme
  • Assessment of all airworthiness regulations, directives (AD) and service bulletins (SB)
  • Aircraft Technical records management and scanning
  • Production of Aircraft maintenance work packages
  • Management of Aircraft modification and repairs
  • Aircraft defect/deferred defect control
  • Flight/technical log control and retention
  • User Level control and audit trail
  • Enhanced Aviation Reporting
  • Aviation Inventory, Parts Movement Tracking, RFQ and PO Management


Bytzsoft is one of the top aviation software providers


"The software keeps all current data trackable through a unique work order system that allows the operator to access quicker current compliance and history data. FlyPal program complies with all the standard aviation requirements as well as airlines procedures." 

- Jeanette Earazo, Senior VP Operations International Aviation Team 

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