Human Resources

Making things Move

Human resources, the most import important asset of any aviation & aerospace organization. Human resources build, scale and manage the organization.

FlyPal has provision to manage the Human Resources of any aviation organization (like Airlines, MRO, CAMO, AMO, M&E etc) along with their skills, mandatory documents (ID, licenses, Permits, Passports and Visa etc.) and recurrent training records. Email Alerts can be configured to warn them in advance in case of any approaching due dates.

Human resource in case of the flight ops department extends to the Rostering process of flight crew and cabin crew to comply the FTL (Flight time limitation) and FDTL (Flight Duty time Limitation) as per various civil aviation regulations.


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"We are using FlyPal for carrying out activities related to CAMO, Work Order, Quality & Store module. The company offers high quality services.

Yubraj Bista(Chief IT), Yeti Airlines