Crew management and duty time for Airlines

  •   12 January, 2017
  •   Sagar Burde
  •   FlyPal - CRS and SMS

What is Crew Management & duty time?

Workforce for any organization has erratic work schedules and workload, yet they operate under certain different working stress & risks. Therefore the workers health, consciousness, training and overall well being are of prime concern.

Crew Management System

Crew Scheduling


Crew Management System is also referred as CMS. It’s a centralized software that takes care of security, scheduling, training, communicating, sign on and sign off of the workers.

BytzSoft Technologies' CMS Software

BytzSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd., serving as pioneers in different visualising and customising IT solutions for the aviation industry. Our domain expertise has helped us diversify into different segments with relevant software products and services that are par excellence of which CMS serves one of them. The software development process and practice performed are quite rigorous and competitive with the developing prospects.

Our Crew Management System Expertise Comprises of:



Duty Time Limitation

 Benefits of Our Crew Management System Software:

  • All crewing details are readily available on a common data platform.
  • All departments are synchronized with one another.
  • CMS would provide real-time visibility of operation and flexibility to manage disruptions by providing real-time crew availability.
  • Time conserving technique where crewing and payroll data combination system need only be entered once.
  • Balancing scheduling efforts more efficiently.
  • Offering managers clear, real-time insight into the skill sets and current locations of employees.
  • Avoiding staffs shortages and overtime expenditures even if employees are late to work or absent.


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