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FlyPal - Aircraft Maintenance & MRO Software

BytzSoft is a global Aviation Software Solutions provider that helps clients to enable change in terms of process & technology for achieving sustained performance. Now in its 20th year, BytzSoft not only continues to grow but also embodies the same timeless sense of efficient customer service which is deep rooted in its ethos.

BytzSoft currently serve Aviation Industry with its flagship product FlyPal® which is among the top 5 contenders in Aircraft Maintenance Software | CAMO Software | M&E and MRO software globally. FlyPal also serves Aviation Industry with FlyPal®-CRS: Crew Scheduling & Duty Time Limitations Software & FlyPal®-SMS: Safety Management System. Flexibility and Customer centric approach make FlyPal® an oblivious choice for aviation organization of any scale or size that wants value for money. Know more about our reliable solutions here.

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Our Clients

Myway chooses FlyPal- aviation maintenance software
FlyPal Client - Execujet Aviation Group
FlyPal Client - Novo Air
Air Deccan Chooses FLyPal
21 Air LLC Cargo Airline from USA
FlyPal Client Star Air - Scheduled Airline
Kam Air
FlyPal Client - asia pacific flight training
FlyPal Client PAB Airwing Fujairah UAE

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Aviation Software Implementation made easy with FlyPal
2018-08-08 0     

Airline operation depends very much on it’s current & historical technical records (data).To ensure regulatory compliance as well as to maintain the Continuous Airworthiness Status of the aircraft , all records have to be kept up to date and al..

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MEL / Deferred Components Management with FlyPal
2018-07-31 0     

MEL / Deferred Components Management with FlyPal Minimum equipment list, or MEL, is a categorized list of on-board systems, instruments and equipment that may be inoperative for flight. Specific procedures or conditions may be associated with..

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Compliance of Crew Legalities & checks using FlyPal CRS
2018-07-18 0     

Compliance of Crew Legalities checks using FlyPal CRS   What is Crew Legality? Crew Legality is the set of rules imposed by civil aviation organizations to avoid any fatigue related incidents. These rules are revised time-to-time to kee..

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